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Party Wall

KSP Chartered Surveyors are experienced in dealing with all party wall matters. Whether you are the building owner or the adjoining owner, we are here to help you. We aim, under the framework of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to aid you in preventing disputes in relation to party wall matters. We can also assist in resolving disputes that may have already arisen.

We are comfortable and confident in dealing with both residential and commercial properties, with building owners or adjoining owners and developers. We are happy to provide advice and work with projects of all sizes.

As part of The Party Wall Act building owners who plan to carry out work covered by the Act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions. Adjoining owners can agree or disagree with what is proposed. Where they disagree, the Act provides the procedure for resolving disputes through an appointed surveyor.

The Act allows for both parties (i.e. the building owner and the adjoining owner.) to be represented by one surveyor. At KSP Chartered Surveyors we pride ourselves on our impartial approach to ensure we fairly represent both parties interests. This can be an efficient and cost effective way of dealing with straight forward party wall matters.

Building Owners

If you are a building owner and are planning to carry out works to your property you have an obligation, under the Act, to provide due notice to your adjoining owner. We can offer you advice as to whether the works require notice to be served. We can also prepare and serve notices on your behalf and ensure that your legal responsibilities are met. 

Should the adjoining owner dispute the proposed works, it is advised that, a surveyor or surveyors be appointed to resolve the dispute. Under the Act the building owner is responsible for meeting reasonable costs associated with resolving the dispute or the making of an Award. KSP Chartered Surveyors are experienced at resolving disputes and finding solutions to the potential issues each individual case can present. 

Adjoining Owners

If you are an adjoining owner, you are entitled to receive notice of certain types of proposed building work and have the opportunity to raise concerns. Whether you have received notice, believe your neighbour is about to start building works or has already started, we can help represent you and see how your property may be affected.

As an adjoining owner the building works can raise concerns about potential damage to your property. We can provide support to you to make sure you have a clear understanding of your rights and the building owner’s responsibilities under the Act. Through assessing the proposed building works and existing structures we can ensure appropriate working methods are used to reduce the risk to youself and your property.

 You are entitled to have your surveyor’s fees paid by the building owner as long as they are reasonable and relevant to the proposed building works under The Party Wall Act. 

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